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We have  thousands of years  old secrets of the venerable Siddha masters revealed so they are easily accessible to the people of today ! 

Are you looking for...

more vitality and inner strength ?

spiritual methods for personal development ?


Do you want to discover the treasures of your soul ?

Or are you longing for new therapy and healing methods based on the ancient Siddha Yoga knowledge of several thousand years?



The Siddha system, which you can find on this page, makes the knowledge from the ancient Indian Siddha tradition accessible and practicable for modern people. With every course you experience a direct change and find out ways for your personal development. 

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Bernhard Baumgartner

The Jothi seminar is full of gifts, wonderful practices and uses. I don't know anything like meditation with the Jothi light, which can bring me so quickly into a thoughtless, peaceful and happy state.


Volker Hartmann

Since the seminar ( Siddha Inner Power ) I have the feeling that I have an infinite amount of life force and I can approach my everyday life with a lot more calm and patience. Overall, I look more positively on my life and have a lot more confidence in my path. I am convinced that Siddha Inner Power is the most powerful thing that I have been able to experience so far in the area of self-awareness and development. Cordula, I really liked your calm and competent seminar presentation. You speak directly from heart to heart and are therefore very authentic.

Jana Inner Beauty..png

Jana Specht

The power is so strong and it's just beautiful. I did the mantra for abundance and then suddenly everything came much faster than usual. I already have a good connection to the universe, but Jothi 2 made it even faster and stronger.


Lydia Schmidlin

This course,  Siddha Inner Beauty , touched me a lot, as it shows in a very loving way how to get the real femininity flowing again. The inner female feelings are brought to the outside, so that the inner radiance is visible again from the outside. It is precisely these effective, ancient wisdoms that are missing in our modern, fast-paced times, and indeed have been forgotten. Simple, effective exercises were carried out that bring out the inner and outer radiance, which one can wonderfully integrate into one's everyday life.



This training ( Shakty Enlightenment Program ) was one of the most important moments in my life for me. What I've been looking for so long is beginning to happen. The pressure of endless thoughts in your head subsides. Their volume decreases. The emotional reaction to events in the environment is weaker. And most importantly, the feeling of feeling that you are the creator of everything that happens around you. A sense of power. Power and the ability to create your own reality. And joy that similar processes will probably also take place for other members of our group.



The exams are over and I even passed the second-best degree. I am so relieved. I did your exercises during the learning phase. This helped me with motivation. Especially towards the final spurt. Thanks again for your support. ( Easier to learn course)

You can find more detailed experience reports on our offer in our blog .

Siddha means completion. Siddha is a person who has completed his or her life. So the way of life of a Siddha is to try to reach perfection in life. Not just in life but in all actions.
(Sri Pranaji)

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