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Siddha Immune Booster

Do you want a healthier body or do you want to strengthen your health? Do you suffer from a chronic illness and want to support your body in the healing process? Do you have a weak immune system and need a long recovery period after an illness? Do you want to be certain that your body can fight viruses and bacteria effectively? Do you want to improve your sleep? You want a life full of positive feelings.


The starting position of modern man:

Modern humans are exposed to many environmental toxins, toxins in food and medicines. Toxins are harmful to the body and, if not removed, can cause major health problems. In certain concentrations, some of them can even be fatal. Some of them, such as mercury, significantly weaken the immune system.

The high demands of today, stress and an unnatural way of life mean that many people feel physically or mentally overloaded. The constant overstimulation through the information channels - be it through the social networks, the media, the number of emails coming in daily or the constant availability through mobile phones - cause a high level of stress. Many people experience an imbalance in their emotions or suffer from anger or fear. All of these factors have a debilitating influence, which is reflected accordingly in the immune system.

Possible benefits of Siddha Immune Booster

  • Activate the natural immune system: According to the ancient Siddha knowledge, 3 points in the body are responsible for our immune system. By activating these points, your immune system is naturally strengthened so that you are protected from all diseases, no matter how big or small.

  • Improve the circulation of prana in the body: The circulation of prana is important as it is the movement of life energy. It is a natural impulse and helps you to feel alive, fresh and fit. In the workshop you will get the activation of the energy points in the body and learn the sequence of exercises "Ojas Kriya" to optimize the prana circulation. 

  • Removal of toxins from the body: Through certain processes, your whole body will go through a complete detox. This detoxification also affects the heavy metal mercury.

  • Eliminate anger and fear energy: Anger and fear are those emotions that energetically pull us humans down. When either of these two emotions is active, the heartbeat becomes irregular and blood pressure rises or falls. Through a special detoxification process, the "Sahaj Mindfull Meditation", you will gain full control over these emotions. In the future you will control these emotions and no longer the other way around.

  • Siddha super foods and other food supplements: According to the siddhas, all 6 different flavors are very important for the body: sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter and astringent. Find out how you can strengthen your body and your immune system with these Siddha super foods and other nutritional supplements.


Read what others are saying about the course here

"So I feel very relaxed and calm. The meditation did very well at the end. I found the training pretty cool and especially the thing with the egg. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you Cordula and best regards, Dennis "

"Apart from the fact that I have to sleep a lot, I feel better than in a long time. It feels like my body is getting clearer every day. (Martina)"

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

Discover the secrets of Siddha Immune Booster

Siddha Immune Booster is based on the ancient Siddha knowledge, the activation of energy points in the body and its energy medicine. In some yoga directions, in Ayurveda as well as in the Siddha tradition, there are the Kaya Kalpa methods that promise to heal the body from illnesses and prevent further illnesses. The aspects aimed at strengthening the immune system can be found in this program.

What do you get from Siddha Immune Booster?

In this seminar three secret energy points will be activated. This strengthens and balances the immune system and special energies in the body. In the workshop you will be taught a special sequence of exercises. It is easy to integrate into everyday life and easy to practice. The exercise takes about 18 minutes and should be practiced daily for 21 days after activation. After this period, one practice per week is sufficient to keep the immune system stable and strong. All methods of the workshop aim to create noticeable, measurable and long-lasting changes.

Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the schedule overview  



approx. 5 to 6 hours
=> Note: The course time can vary depending on the size and needs of the group.


Seminar price:

CHF 195.00  


Seminar location:

Online via zoom

=> "Siddha Immune Booster" is also possible as a face-to-face seminar on request.



You are at least 15 years old. For the online seminar, you must be able to see and be able to do exercises while standing. You have stable internet access.

Unfortunately, these groups of people cannot participate:

Pregnant women


Registration and number of participants:

Minimum 5 participants per online seminar. With your registration you confirm that you meet the requirements.




Cordula Mezias, certified master trainer Siddha Immune Booster  

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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