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Jothi  Training level 2

Would you like to strengthen your own skills and talents in order to be able to lead an even better life? Do you long to change your karma, promote your prosperity and deepen your healing powers? Do you want to open the quality of compassion and your heart even further?

Who is the training for?

In the Jothi training level 1 you were given direct access to the highest, cosmic light. The follow-up training is about being able to use this light specifically for different areas of life. The training is aimed at people who also want to come into even deeper contact with Swami Ramalinga and who want to experience an unconditional heart, a stronger presence in the moment and emotional and physical healing through the techniques he has imparted.

Possible benefits at a glance:

  • New level of spiritual development - activated and opened

  • Simple & fast - easily learned, everyday mantras, practices and meditations for different areas of life

  • Immediate effect - works immediately after activation and becomes stronger with practice

  • Transformation and healing of body, soul and spirit - are extremely accelerated by the activations and applications within the training

Read what others are saying about the course here

" It's getting easier and easier; contaminated sites say goodbye and energy cords fall off. The chaos outside hits you like less and less. The real you gradually comes to the fore. I can highly recommend everyone. Top tools." (Verena)


"I improved my ability to go deeper into the meditative state, into trance. And when I started meditating, it worked a lot better. When it came to skills, I noticed that I used my logical thinking for Sudokos I can now solve Sudokos, a year ago I wouldn't have dared to dream about it. " (Sylvia)


"I practice a lot of the mantra to protect against negative and negative people. It works well. The more I use this, the more it flows. I experience a lot of positive things. I attract a lot of people where the positive predominates, including in business, by the way . " (Mara)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .


Learn the secrets of Jothi Training Level 2

The seminar is very practical and aims at one's own experience. The methods are easy to integrate into everyday life. The seminar is not tied to any teaching and opens access to the transcendent reality of one's own being without a spiritual superstructure. Siddhameister Sri Pranaji has developed methods suitable for everyday use for this training, which support modern people in various areas of their daily life. In addition, three meditations and activations by Swami Ramalinga (Vallalar) are an important part.  


What you get:

1. The activation and application of six mantras

       1.1. First mantra to activate and / or improve one's own abilities and talents

       1.2. Second mantra for the basic cleansing of one's own negative karma

       1.3. Third mantra to improve one's own prosperity and success

       1.4. Fourth mantra to slow down the aging process and improve health

       1.5. Fifth mantra for concrete protection in the event of epidemics and pandemics

       1.6. Sixth mantra for protection from the outside - against strong negative thoughts, envy & against black magic

2. Activation to control negative emotions that arise under high tension, stress or provocation. This activation anchors serenity and calm in the subconscious.

3. Activation and meditation by Swami Ramalinga, which purifies the emotions and the body. It helps users feel youthful.

4. Activation and Jothi healing by Swami Ramalinga for self-application

5. Activation and meditation by Swami Ramalinga for opening the unconditional heart, compassion and healing the heart.


Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the schedule overview 

If Jothi 2 is not in the appointment overview, please write us an email and let us reserve you for the next appointment.


Course times:

1st and 2nd day from 10 a.m. to approx. 5 p.m. 
=> Note: The course times can vary depending on the size and speed of the group


Seminar price:

CHF 450.00 (Switzerland), Euro 430.00 (Germany)


Seminar locations:

Hypnosezentrum Schweiz GmbH, Reservoirstrasse 1 in 4416 Bubendorf, other seminar locations are listed in the description under "Booking"



Previous participation in the Jothi training level 1


Registration and number of participants:

The number of places per seminar is limited. The minimum is 7 participants per appointment in Bubendorf and 10 participants for groups in Germany.


Cordula Mezias, certified master trainer Jothi

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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