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Siddha Inner Beauty:  awaken the goddess in you

Do you long for a deep connection to your female potential? Do you feel the need to reawaken or heal your femininity? Do you want methods for a holistic development of your beauty?  

Why is it so important to empower us women?

Women and the female potential have been devalued and suppressed for several thousand years. Now it is time for us women to come to our true strength. Only when we women are healed, the feminine potential and our beauty come to bloom, can we create a peaceful coexistence on earth.

Benefits and content at a glance:

  • Inner Beauty Energy Exercises

  • Aura therapy and chakra meditations

  • Inner beauty massage for health and the female organs

  • Facial massage for clear, supple skin and a radiant face

  • Special yoga sequence to improve the figure and body shape

  • Empowerment and healing of women on a holistic basis and level

  • Activation of secret mantras and methods for
    - Inner beauty
    - well-being and success
    - health and rejuvenation
    - Charisma and leadership
    - learning and clarity
    - Spirituality
    - Anti-stress and emotional cleansing


Read what others say about me and the course here

"A few days ago a friend visited me, we had met for the last time almost 2 months ago. What a fresh and radiant face I had, she said." (Lena)


"The seminar was great and full of surprises. I was cleaned and charged with a lot of energy. I got a lot of tools on the way that I use diligently. Thank you again." (Susanne)


"It was the best training I have ever attended. The transformation of women is enormous. All women who will attend Siddha Inner Beauty in the future will open a door to a new life. We all deserve it." (Bettina)

" Dear Cordula, I can feel my breasts strongly, they are present and the massage feels very nourishing. I have the feeling they have become fuller and rounder and are still changing. I am very grateful, it is a huge gift to get closer to them and to feel them strongly. " (Natalia)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

Discover the secrets of Siddha Inner Beauty

All the methods of this seminar are already used by thousands of women worldwide. They are safe, natural, chemical-free, and very powerful methods. Its origins lie in the secret South Indian Siddha tradition. Siddhame Master Sri Pranaji has put together the content for the women of today.  

What exactly do you get?

The course is about you as a whole person. Your face, your body and your aura will be included.


  • Face: The varma points on the face are activated to create charisma and a youthful appearance.

  • Body: Some Varma points on the body are activated. They help you to feel full of energy and to live a full life.

  • Aura: An aura surgery is performed with a very high vibrating, metaphysical force. It serves to cleanse your energy system in depth, to adjust the chakras and the aura, to align them optimally and to energize them.

  • Psyche / inner world: to strengthen the inner world and psyche, different methods are used depending on the group.  

During the three-day workshop, we women experience a deep healing. Through meditations and special Siddha techniques, old wonders in us women are healed. And our real strength comes to bloom. In addition, a new approach to our femininity and our body is established. We can learn again to accept and appreciate ourselves and our bodies full of self-love. Inner Beauty deals with the five levels of beauty that make you a beautiful, attractive woman, from within. In the course you will learn holistic beauty care that includes all aspects of life - spiritual, emotional, mental, sensory and physical. This is how your true beauty can unfold.


It's about the inner radiance and a charisma that make you truly attractive. It is not just about the physical beauty seen by the eyes, it is the inner beauty, your being, the aura. It is about you.


In the seminar you will receive an “inner cell activation”, which stimulates the regeneration of the cells and reverses the aging process. This can lead to radical internal changes and transformations for the body and the skin. A radiance (“glow”) of the entire body and a clear, radiant face can thereby establish themselves permanently.

Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the  Schedule overview  

Course times:

1st day: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m., 2nd day: 10 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. / 5.30 p.m. and 3rd day: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
=> Note: The course times can vary depending on the size and speed of the group.


Seminar price:

CHF 690.00 (Switzerland), Euro 620.00 (Germany)


Seminar locations:

Hypnosezentrum Schweiz GmbH, Reservoirstrasse 1 in 4416 Bubendorf, other seminar locations are listed in the description under "Booking"


Registration and number of participants:

The number of places per seminar is limited. The minimum is 6 participants per appointment in Bubendorf and 10 participants for groups in Germany.



Cordula Mezias, certified master trainer Siddha Inner Beauty

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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