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Jothi  Training level 1

Would you like to get access to the highest cosmic light for your transformation and healing? Do you long for an invincible life based on bliss and joy?

Who is the training for?

It is for people who want to open direct access to the highest cosmic light. For all,  who want to discover the potentials of life more deeply, people who long for bliss, peace and joy. For people who want to get a tool for their own transformation. For everyone who strengthens their own inner healing power and would like to use it for themselves, other people, animals and plants.

Possible benefits at a glance:

  • Healing: Use for self-healing and for healing others  

  • Silence, bliss and joy: through the Ananda Siddhi meditation

  • Stimulating the flow of energy and balancing the chakras: through the SSS practice

  • Let joy flow: through the SSS practice

  • Experiencing and expanding the emptiness of thoughts: through various mediations and applications

  • Transformation of body, soul and spirit: is extremely accelerated by the activations during the training  

  • Spiritual development: energetic basis for a spiritual path to the realization of the self

  • Immediate effect: works immediately after activation and becomes stronger with practice

  • Simple & fast: easily learned, everyday practices and meditations

Read what others are saying about the course here

"I have been working energetically with clients for a long time and had previously trained such as Reiki, but the healing power that I received through Jothi training is a lot more intense." (Roswitha Fürst)


"Since I took the Jothi seminar, my life has changed. My health has become stronger, I feel more vital. My charisma has increased many times over. I look younger. My friends and acquaintances speak to me about it and want" exactly the same "have." (Jana Specht)


"The energy work and the opening of the chakras (from the Jothi course) has totally changed me and also developed the feminine part in me. Thank you for your love and care and thank you for bringing me on this path." (Thomas)


"The Johti has changed me so much. Sometimes I couldn't believe how different I can see the world now. My life is fine again. I'm also very grounded right now and live it out. I'm just very happy . " (Beate)


You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .


Learn the secrets of Jothi Training Level 1

Jothi is a Tamil term and means light. Life on earth would not be possible without light. In the old Tamil Siddha tradition it is, among other things, about access to the basic light of the universe.  This retreat is a powerful introduction to this path. Sri Pranaji, the founder of this training, created a way for modern people based on the ancient Siddha knowledge. In this training, the participants get access to light that they can experience very quickly. This light differs significantly from life energy, which is described in terms such as prana or qi. In training a permanent connection is established between the cosmic body and the mortal body. The connection is aligned so that the Jothi light can flow freely. In order to achieve this, relevant chakras, nadis (= subtle energy channels) are activated and aligned. In this way the way to the manifestation of the light body (= suddha deham) is opened. The anchoring and expansion of the Jothi light is continued independently by the participants in a 44-day process.

Special features of the Jothi training:

The training offers effective activations that make the light of the soul directly accessible and immediately tangible. The seminar is very practical and aims at one's own experience. The seminar is not tied to any teaching and opens access to the transcendent reality of one's own being without a spiritual superstructure.

The Jothi light can be used for healing, transformation, expansion of consciousness, but also for the manifestation of desired things. In general, no extensive use is necessary. The exercises are easy to integrate into everyday life. You don't need to change your lifestyle to experience the benefits. You do not need to join any apprenticeship, but remain free to combine the practice with other systems.


The Neuro Cell Rebirth Process (NCRP) is carried out during Jothi training. The NCRP is a method from the Siddhat tradition that sets in motion profound purification processes. Old traces of trauma are gently loosened and the cells are completely filled with Jothi light. ( Via NCRP )


Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the  Schedule overview  

Course times:

1 day. 10.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. (including bonus NCRP approx. 1-1.5 hours for NCRP)
2nd day 10 a.m. to approx. 2 p.m.
=> Note: The course times can vary depending on the size and speed of the group


Seminar price:

CHF 390.00 (Switzerland), 370.00 euros (Germany)


Seminar locations:

Hypnosezentrum Schweiz GmbH, Reservoirstrasse 1 in 4416 Bubendorf, other seminar locations are listed in the description under "Booking"


Registration and number of participants:

The number of places per seminar is limited. The minimum is 7 participants per appointment in Bubendorf and 10 participants for groups in Germany.



Cordula Mezias, certified master trainer Jothi

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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