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Neuro Cell Rebirth Process (NCRP)

Do you long to release your body, soul, psyche and spirit from old patterns, blockages and traumatizations? Would you like to create a new basis for a happy and liberated life?


Do you know that?

The pressure of modern life, the pressure to perform and the challenges that a person has due to their different roles are enormous. More and more people suffer from depression, anxiety, negative thinking and destructive behavior. The incidence of burnout is increasing rapidly. Alarming signs that call us to act.


The influence of the past:

Hardly anyone is completely free from the stressful influences of their own past. Old injuries, rejections or trauma leave their mark on our lives. They affect our body, mind and psyche. They also affect our self-image, our relationships, how we perceive the world and all areas of our life.

Many people experienced rejection in their childhood, were betrayed or deeply hurt, or received too little positive reinforcement, support and love. Some have been forced to deny themselves and live by the ideas of others. Often they had to adapt, to behave in a certain way in order to ensure their own survival and acceptance in the family.

Every person develops internal programming and patterns in the course of his life. This programming comes about through one's own experiences, their processing and evaluation, as well as through upbringing, socialization and the norms of society. Due to the internal programming, ideas, patterns, behaviors and beliefs, only a limited section of reality can be experienced or is possible. Only when we free ourselves from restrictive programming and the old ballast are we able to develop our potential more and more. The “Neuro Cell Rebirth Process” can help you a lot with this.

What are the benefits of NCRP?

It is a transformation and healing tool that penetrates to the molecular level of every cell. Through NCRP, body, psyche, soul and spirit are purified and liberated on a fundamental level.

Powerful transformations and regenerations take place in every cell. Emotional and mental patterns are gently released and healed on the level of the DNA and the energy field, the aura. With the help of the process, stress and blockages from the conscious and subconscious are cleared and overcome. Emotional trauma from all phases of life is resolved on a cellular level without you having to go through all the emotional injuries again. It creates profound emotional relief and liberation. With each execution, another layer from the past or from traumatization, injuries and limiting beliefs is loosened and purified. Step by step we are enabled to develop our own potential.

Read what others say about me and the course here

"When I heard about NCRP, I really wanted to use it to heal my relationship with my mother. I'm amazed at how deeply my relationship with her has changed." (Sabine)


"NCRP is both subtle and concrete. I never expected that the NCRP meetings would bring my life back into flux so quickly."   (Stefan)

"Thank you, dear Cordula, that was really a profound trauma therapy! We have reached so many points without all the old burdens dragging me down emotionally. How awesome!" (Andrea)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .



Discover the secrets of NCRP

NCRP combines hypnotherapy, energy-based therapy methods with ancient Siddha technology. Siddha technology has been modified so that it can be used and absorbed by modern humans. The basic method was developed by the Siddhame master Sri Pranaji. NCRP is customized for each group by NCRP therapist, Cordula Mezias.  


Application frequency:

Depending on the severity of the symptoms and condition, it makes sense to do this process three to seven times. If no disease is manifest, 3 applications are usually sufficient. These serve to clear up general or emotional problems, to resolve blockages and generally for liberation and further development. The ideal interval would be once a week, i.e. 3 weeks in a row. If you suffer from an illness or have a profound problem, 7 applications are recommended. The ideal interval would be once a week, i.e. 7 weeks in a row. If it is not possible to hold the session once a week, it can be scheduled a little further apart.

Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the schedule overview 

If NCRP is not in the appointment overview, please write us an email and let us reserve you for the next appointment.


Length per NCRP:

2-2.5 hours
=> Note: The course time can vary depending on the size and needs of the group.


Seminar price:

CHF 80.00  


Seminar location:

Online via zoom



You have stable internet access. You can position your device so that I can see you during the session via zoom.

Unfortunately, these groups of people cannot participate:

- Pregnant women

- People who suffer from delusions, hallucinations, schizophrenia or endogenous psychoses

- People with borderline personality disorder

- Recent heart attack, stroke or thrombosis

=> You can find more contraindications here


Registration and number of participants:

Minimum of 5 participants per online NCRP session. With your registration you confirm that you meet the requirements.



Cordula Mezias, certified NCRP therapist

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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