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Self-help tools for everyday life

Do you long for time with yourself to strengthen yourself, to relax or to align yourself positively? Would you like tried and tested tools, meditations and trance trips for your everyday life? Do you need methods to better deal with the pressure to perform and the challenges of today?


What are the different forms of meditation, trance journeys, and spiritual tools?

Depending on the respective tradition, meditations can vary greatly in form and content. The main main groups are silent meditation (e.g. ZEN meditation), movement meditation (e.g. T'ai Chi, yoga, Sufi dance, some forms of yoga or dynamic meditation), meditations with mantras (e.g. OM, a syllable used by Hindus, Jainas and Buddhists are considered sacred), meditation with optical aids (e.g. meditation with mandalas or the tablets of Chartres) and breathing meditations. Anyone who engages in meditation can draw on a variety of methods and choose the form that is most suitable for them. The same applies of course to trance trips and spiritual tools. There is also a wide range of different techniques and methods that can be used according to needs and needs.


What do meditation, trance journeys and spiritual tools do?

The results of a more regular use of meditation, trance journeys and | or spiritual tools are: the own willpower is strengthened, the ability to concentrate is increased, a greater psychological stability is achieved, inner calm is developed and personal goals are achieved. In the meantime it has been scientifically proven that meditation or trance trips contribute to reducing stress, strengthening the immune system and activating self-healing powers; our brain is also positively influenced by it. We can cope better with physical pain and psychological problems with regular practice. In this way we can find or increase our joie de vivre again. I can confirm the effects listed from my own experience.


My experience

I have been enthusiastic about meditations, trance trips and personal development since my youth. In almost 40 years I have intensively studied and tried out a wide variety of methods and techniques. I share the best techniques with you in the online format “Self-help tools for everyday life”. I have arranged the tools thematically. Further topics will follow.


Toolbox 1: Positive focus, confidence, winning spirit and self-confidence

Toolbox 2: Motivation and Clarity

Toolbox 3: Self-love and self-acceptance

Organizational matters


You can find the dates in the schedule overview at

Length and type of event:

About 1.5 hours online via zoom


Seminar price per online event:

CHF 60.00 per participant



For every event you will receive a handout with a description of the most important tools - trance trips are not written down in advance.


Seminar leader:

Cordula Mezias


Registration and number of participants:

  • All events can be booked independently of one another.

  • Minimum 5 participants per event.




You have stable internet access. Please position your device so that I can see you via zoom during the session.


The following groups of people are excluded from participation:

  • Pregnant women

  • People who suffer from delusions, hallucinations, schizophrenia or endogenous psychoses

  • People with borderline personality disorder

  • Recent heart attack, stroke or thrombosis


You can find further contraindications at:ösungen/hypnose/kontraindikation-fuer-hypnose/

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