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Siddha Varma energy therapy  with Sri Pranaji

Learn methods that open new dimensions of healing and wellbeing. They are also suitable for the basic balancing of the body, psyche and spirit, as well as increasing self-healing powers.

Who is this program for?

This training is for people who want to learn revolutionary and highly effective applications from the millennia-old Siddha medicine combined with energy applications. It is aimed at interested laypeople, alternative practitioners, massage therapists, physiotherapists, energy healers, wellness users, Ayurveda or Siddha practitioners and doctors.

Course objectives and results

  • Learn a complete detoxification process: by removing negative energy in the body, which can remove blockages and promote self-healing

  • Learn the way to accelerate healing: instantly reducing symptoms of a wide variety of ailments and increasing self-healing potential

  • Complements any ongoing treatment: works in conjunction with other allopathic therapies

  • Learn Varma massage therapy, among other things to balance the blood flow in the body

  • Body rejuvenation techniques: activate the inner ability of your clients / patients to rejuvenate and revitalize

  • Learn quick healing techniques: within the training you will receive 20-30 quick therapies for common problems, such as headaches, toothaches, overcoming lethargy, etc.


Further benefits at a glance

  • Easy to use thanks to Varma massage points and energy application

  • No additional aids, acupuncture needles, medication, dietary supplements or herbs are necessary

  • Complementary treatment approach can be combined with classical medicine and other forms of therapy

  • Based on thousands of years old knowledge of Siddha medicine and empirical medicine


Discover the secrets of Siddha Varma Energy Therapy 

The system "Siddha Varma Energy Therapy" was developed by the Siddha master Sri Pranaji. He combines the knowledge from Varma therapy with energy applications. In the training he passes on his more than 20 years of experience with Varma and energy.


In the Siddha Varma Energy Program you will learn to alleviate a variety of ailments through the power of the Varma massage and energy application. Varma therapy is a unique branch of Siddha medicine practice in which knowledge of 108 vital points in the body is taught. They are used to stimulate (life) energy, to heal diseases or to stimulate the immune system. Siddham medicine has its origins in southern India. It is a traditional medical system that aims to protect people from the development of diseases or to restore the balance of body, soul and spirit in sick people.


In addition to training and activating the use of energy on Varma points (nokku varma), students are guided through intensive practical training. This is how they understand the interaction of energy on body, mind and soul. A problem can thus be viewed and approached holistically.


Content of module 1:

Introduction to Siddha Medicine

Principles of Siddha Medicine

Basic pulse-based diagnosis

Introduction to Varma

Learning the 108 Varma points

Basic Varma Point Therapy


Varma and energy therapies specially designed for:

  • Frozen shoulder (periarthritis)

  • Nerves and spine

  • cholesterol

  • liver

  • snoring

  • Difficulty breathing

  • asthma


This module includes energy activation, as well as practical and observational tests, some of which are also used for diagnosis.


Content of module 2:

Continuation of the principles and theories of Siddha medicine

Aura diagnostics

Review of therapies from module 1


Varma and energy therapies specially designed for:

  • Immune system therapy

  • Renal regeneration therapy

  • Lung therapy

  • autism

  • Therapy against harmful stomach bacteria

  • Fever and cough therapy

  • Sleep therapy

  • All heart related diseases


Content of module 3:

Spiritual Siddha Healing and its meaning in the modern world.


Varma and energy therapies specially designed for:  

  • Psychological treatment of addictions, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, etc.

  • Energy therapy for all diseases (individual therapy for all diseases)

  • Distant Therapy

  • Autoimmune diseases


Module 3 deals with the most important aspects of energy therapy, which cover a process for treating many clinical pictures - old and new.


Additional, integrated spa module:

  • Energy-based massage to modulate the shape of the face

  • Breast shaping

  • Detoxification with a special foot bath: with stone & water

  • Hair therapy


Certificate of completion and recognition

After completing the entire training, you will receive an official certificate. Siddha Varma Energy Therapy by Sri Pranaji has not been scientifically verified or recognized by conventional medicine. In the practical application of what you have learned, you are obliged to meet all requirements of the local health authorities.

Organizational matters

Number of seats and location:

The number of places for the training is limited to 30 places.

Location: Hotel Garni Mittenza, Hauptstrasse 4, 4132 Muttenz


Classroom language:

The language of instruction is English with a German translation


Module length, course times and dates:

Each module lasts five days and deals with a wide variety of medical and psychological complaints. The course times for modules 1-3 are from 10 a.m. to approx. 5 p.m. / 5.30 p.m. They can vary somewhat depending on the size of the group and the speed of the group.


Because of the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the start will be on  Postponed to 2022. If possible, we will hold 2 modules in 2022 and the 3rd module in 2023. the  Dates for 2022 will be set as soon as we can again plan more firmly. If you are interested in the training, please write me an email and make a note of yourself.  

Price per module:

CHF 1,150 (price without accommodation and meals; including drinks during the break)


The three modules that build on one another can only be completed one after the other. With the online registration you register for the entire training. A written cancellation is possible up to 4 weeks before the next module.

Sri Pranaji is constantly developing this training. For this reason, the contents of the modules can be taught in a different form - depending on the composition of the group.

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