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Easier learning, more focused and more successful work

Are you studying, are you doing an apprenticeship or do you have to constantly learn new things for your job? Are you in a training course that challenges you? Do you practice a profession by doing a lot mentally  work

Who is the training for?

This workshop was developed for all people who are allowed to learn many things and who want to do it more easily. It is also aimed at mentally working people who want to reach a new level of performance and focus.

Possible benefits at a glance:

  • The basis for more relaxed learning is created

  • Confidence in one's own ability to learn is regained or deepened

  • To have a clear direction in learning

  • Anchoring fun, joy and enthusiasm in learning

  • Top performance during studies, school, at work thanks to increased vitality (chi / prana) in the brain

  • More energy and Access to unlimited inner strength when studying and working

  • Improvement in memory

  • Greater focus and improved time management are possible

  • Stress reduction

Read what others are saying about the course here

"Hello Cordula  When it comes to learning, I'm doing amazingly well. In the last law exam I got a 1.4 (in Germany) and I can actually remember a lot better than before the seminar.  Thank you very much and best regards,  Veronica "

Dear Cordula, some feedback on the course: My exhaustion is almost completely gone !? In the evening I take one mantra, in the morning the other. Wonderful!! Cordially Reto "

Dear Cordula,  thank you for the great seminar!  What I have noticed so far is that I am generally much more motivated through the activation for working people in the morning.  Warm greetings,  Dennis


"In September 2018 I received Inner Power for learning and for working people from Sri Pranaji Siddha. During this time I have just completed the theoretical part of my coaching training. That meant thinking about new areas in addition to my job, learning, understanding and doing a lot memorize the material. Even while learning, I noticed how much easier it was to “get in” the material. I felt fitter, more focused and repeatedly applied the various aspects of the two activations of SIP. I have never been so relaxed and during an exam I was relaxed like there. I just knew that I had studied well and noticed how the correct answers were flying to me. " (Cordula Mezias)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .



Learn the secrets from the workshop  know

Human is constantly learning. In order to ensure our survival, we depend on learning from other people as well as from our own experiences. From the first to the last breath, we find ourselves in learning, change and transformation processes. Because life and learning are so closely linked, learning should be something natural and easy for us. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case. Many of us are convinced that learning is hard work and only works in the sweat of our brow. Due to social influences, our upbringing, and our school and training systems, many people have developed negative conditioning in relation to learning. Some have also been told that they are not good enough or that they are not getting it right. Others have developed such or similar beliefs through their own experience. Blocking beliefs and self-images hinder our ability to learn freely. They prevent the learning material from being processed in us in such a way that we can freely access it.

In this workshop we tackle some of the limiting ideas and beliefs that hinder learning. Together we create a new inner basis for easier and more natural learning. In my everyday practice, I have already been able to help many people to get rid of their old conditioning on the subject of learning and to come to a state in which they can learn more easily. In the workshop "Easier learning, more focused and successful work", various methods are brought together so that the participants can achieve the greatest possible benefit.


Structure and content of the workshop:

The workshop consists of three parts: The first part is about a constructive internal reorientation for easier, faster and freer learning. In order to do that, we will dissolve old, limiting conditioning. Depending on the group, the inner work can have different priorities. Topics can be, for example: solving learning blocks, developing a positive self-image in relation to learning, strengthening the motivation to learn or internally anchoring the correct orientation in learning. In the workshop we will jointly define the group-specific goals and priorities.


In the second part of the workshop, breathing techniques and special code words are taught and energetic activations are carried out. Sri Pranaji, a Malaysian Siddha master, has developed a special method called “Siddha Inner Power (SIP) for students / learners”. It is a method that is suitable for schoolchildren, college students, and adults.


In the third part of the workshop, the participants receive the activation "Siddha Inner Power (SIP) for working people". Through this activation, the mental focus is extremely sharpened and we are able to set the priorities correctly, to put aside emotions that can be a hindrance in decision-making processes, for example. It supports us in good time management.


Deepening through self-hypnosis, there is also an mp4 file "Finally easier, faster & more free learning" for downloading at home.


Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the  Schedule overview  

Course times:

10 a.m. - 5 p.m. / 6.30 p.m.
=> The length of the workshop varies depending on the size of the group


Seminar price:

CHF 250.00  


Seminar locations:

Hypnosezentrum Schweiz GmbH, Reservoirstrasse 1 in 4416 Bubendorf, other seminar locations are listed in the description under "Booking"

Prerequisite and note: 

Ideally, you have already attended the Siddha Inner Power 1-4 seminar. The activations of the "SIP for students" and "Siddha Inner Power (SIP) for professionals" have an optimal effect on people who have already completed the SIP 1-4 training. For people who have not yet done SIP 1-4, the activation takes about 30-40 days. After that, they need regular refreshments to maintain the activation until the SIP course 1-4 has been completed.


Registration and number of participants:

The number of places per seminar is limited. The minimum is 5 participants per appointment in Bubendorf.




Cordula Mezias, certified master trainer Siddha Inner Power

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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