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Siddha Inner Power (SIP) 1-4

Do you want to gain inner strength, a strong life force, protection against negativity and attacks? Do you wish  Stability and inner balance? Do you long to open up and discover new potentials?  


Who is the training for?

This program is aimed at people who want to have a strong body and more vitality. It is for everyone who wants to develop above-average stamina and extreme resilience. It is for athletes who want to become more powerful. It is for everyone who wants to strengthen their immune system. This program is for the modern person who is exposed to many stressors in their daily life. It is for people who are confronted with attacks, aggression and negativity from other people and who want to effectively protect and delimit themselves from them. It is for people who long for inner stability and balance.


Possible benefits at a glance:

  • The life force becomes stronger and flows

  • The body develops above-average stamina and extreme resilience

  • The inner strength grows, there is a deep psychological and mental stability

  • Protection from deliberate physical, mental and metaphysical attacks

  • Influence on health such as glowing skin, stronger muscles, stronger immune system, rejuvenation of the nerves, slowing down of the aging process 

  • Strengthening the inner healing power and the self-healing powers 

  • Personality: You get a powerful, charismatic and healthy aura

  • Learning an exercise to use life energy to make wishes come true

  • Energetic and physical basis for a spiritual path to the realization of the self

  • Simple & quick practice to strengthen your body, vitality and personality

  • Immediate effect - it works right after activation and gets stronger with practice

  • No laborious effort required: the exercises can be easily integrated into everyday life. You don't need to change your lifestyle to experience the benefits. You do not need to join any apprenticeship, you are free to combine the practice with other systems


Read what others are saying about the course here

I have the feeling that I have become more courageous and clearer through Siddha Inner Power and that I can better feel my limits. This, especially when a person tries to verbally “attack” me. I am more and more able to take the focus away from the other and instead focus lovingly on myself. That gives me a safe and good feeling, because I can feel myself better and continuously supply me with good energy. (Cyrilla Rahel Snel)


SIP is a great investment that immediately paid off for me in everyday life, in sports and at work. I really feel it, the inner development of strength, which increases with every exercise and which also affects me in calm and serenity. Thanks Cordula for the competent course management! (Dieter)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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Learn the secrets of Siddha Inner Power 1-4

This retreat is a powerful introduction to the Siddha path. With Siddha Inner Power, Siddha Master Sri Pranaji has created a revolutionary method based on the ancient Siddha knowledge. He turned it into everyday techniques that we modern people can use.  

In this seminar you will activate seven secret energy points. Through the activation, special energies in the body are strengthened and brought into balance. The energy center in the stomach is connected to the universal life force. Through the practice of the Siddha Inner Power Exercises 1-4, the universal life force merges with the body, soul and spirit. You get access to unlimited life force (= prana / chi) and thus have the fuel to realize things that you never thought possible.  

In the 2.5-day workshop you will be taught a special sequence of exercises. The exercise of the exercise series from SIP 1-4 takes about 25 minutes and should be practiced daily for 44 days after activation. After this period of time, a one-time practice per week is sufficient to further develop the new energy level, to deepen the benefits and to provide protection.

Organizational matters


You can find all scheduled seminars in the schedule overview  


Course times:

Day 1: 5:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., Day 2: 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Day 3: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
=> Note: The course times can vary depending on the size and speed of the group


Seminar price:

CHF 600.00 (Switzerland), Euro 520.00 (Germany)


Seminar locations:

Hypnosezentrum Schweiz GmbH, Reservoirstrasse 1 in 4416 Bubendorf, other seminar locations are listed in the description under "Booking"

Registration and number of participants:

The number of places per seminar is limited. The minimum is 7 participants per appointment in Bubendorf and 10 participants for groups in other locations.


If only 5-6 participants register for an appointment, the course will be held on two days, Saturday and Sunday. With 5-6 participants, the seminar price is CHF 640.00 per participant.



Cordula Mezias, certified Master Trainer Siddha Inner Power 1-4 (only in CH  and D)

You can find more detailed testimonials in our blog .

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