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Der Einstieg
The beginning
Siddha Inner Power.jpg
Siddha  Inner 
Power 1-4

Gain your inner strength, a strong life force, protection against negativity and attacks. Build stability and inner balance.

Jothi  Training level 1

Get access to the highest cosmic light for your transformation and healing. Open your bliss and joy to an invincible life. 

Siddha I nner  Beauty

Awaken the goddess in you and let your inner and outer beauty shine. Heal yourself on all levels and find the flow of your femininity. 

Awaken the fire in you

Increase your core body temperature, strengthen the body, metabolism and the immune system. Burn negative emotions, negative karma and stabilize your psyche.

The deepening


Wird derzeit nicht angeboten.

Shakty  Enlightenment training with Siddha Master Sri Pranaji

Discover the potential of your soul, open unexpected forces and follow the path of self-realization. Learn techniques to use the forces of the universe for the benefit of all.  

Jothi training level 2

Strengthen your own abilities and talents, change your karma, promote your prosperity, deepen your healing power, open your compassion and heart. 

Easier to learn, more successful  & focused work

Use the life force from Siddha Inner Power 1-4 so that you can learn more easily and work more successfully and more focused. 


For healing and also as a powerful introduction

NCRP_Bild 02.png
Neuro Cell Rebirth Process

Free your body, soul, psyche and spirit from old patterns, blockages and traumatizations. Create a new basis for a happy and liberated life. 

Siddha Immune Booster

Build a strong immune system and unwavering good health. Detox your body and your psyche. 

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